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Four Things to have in Order Before Buying a Home

Most people have thought about buying a home at one point in their lives. Why wouldn’t they? With countless pros to having a fixed place of your own, it makes sense to want to take the homeownership route. Contrary to popular belief, purchasing a house isn’t the draining investment it’s made out to be. In some cases, you can save more money. As a matter of fact, it is 35% less expensive to buy than it is to rent in popular metropolitan areas.  There are numerous things you must take into consideration when looking to own a home, but, never fret, because regardless of age and income it is possible for everyone. If you take the right steps, you can have your own space and somewhere to call home. Here are some important things you should have in order before partaking in this exciting journey! Find the Best Home for You — Never Settle For first time buyers, the prospect of buying a home may seem scary. With thousands of different property types and even more amenities, it may be difficult to settle on one home. Knowing what general things to look for when purchasing a home can help you with your decision, and so can knowing what […]
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5 Unique Traits of Buyable AND Sellable Homes

Location, location, location. There isn’t anything else you need to think about when buying a home, right? Oh, how very wrong you are… Many people venture into the home-buying process with the notion that the home they purchase will be somewhere they live for quite a while, if not forever. However, somewhere down the line, they may realize the home is a little too far from their job or the noise from the nearby airport is a little more than they can handle. So, it’s time to move again. This is the exact reason why it’s important to not only buy a home that fits you, but also a home that can easily fit someone else. With that in mind, here are some little known traits of homes that you can’t wait to buy, but are also easier to sell if you need to!   1) Sunset Way vs. 3rd Street As silly as it may sound, living on a street with a chic name can increase the value of a home. According to CEO, Spencer Rascoff, if your home is on a street named “Lake” or “Sunset” it’s likely that it could sell for up to 16% higher than […]
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