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5 Art Deco Homes In Miami Beach

Living in Miami for any period of time will show you a rich history through architecture – and how Miamians can’t get enough of Art Deco. If you want your own slice of this classic-yet-modern style, check out these five Art Deco homes in Miami Beach. Hampton’s Authentic Art Deco Designed by Martin Luther Hampton and recently renovated, this Art Deco home has all the history and authenticity one could ask for. Along with a spacious design, you’ll have a two-bedroom guest house, a corner lot, a large pool and the prestige of living in Sunset Islands. Click here for more information on this six bedroom, five and a half bath home. Amazing Architecture This four bedroom, three and a half bath home fits well among the architecturally interesting homes on this list. Sharp angles and smooth, rounded lines play nicely on the Art Deco style exterior of the home, right down to the mid-century modern house number. For $3,599,000, you can own this 3,591 square foot home and a 7,320 square foot lot. Want to learn more about this beautiful home? Click here. West Egg’s Finest With a spacious, open floor plan, this Art Deco home is perfect for […]
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6 Easy Ways To Organize Your Home

Everything should have its place, and be in its place. Without this basic tenant, dream homes can very quickly become nightmares full of clutter and confused spaces. Here are six tips on how to organize your home – and keep it that way. Examine Where Clutter Accumulates We all have spots in our home that accumulate clutter. When you set out to organize your home, make sure to pay special attention to these areas. The most cluttered parts of the home (kitchen counters, coffee tables, etc.) are usually that way because, you and those living with you don’t know where to put your things. Determine Existing Storage In The Home Catalog all the places you can put things away. Find all the drawers, closets, cabinets, shelves and nooks in your home and determine whether or not they’re currently being used effectively. Purge what you don’t need from these spaces to make room for things you do. Designate “Put-Away” Places If you’re following these steps, your home probably looks less cluttered already. Once you know what storage spaces are in your home and you’ve made room in them, designate their use to yourself and those living with you. This way, everything in […]
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So You Want To Sell Your House: A Beginner’s Guide

Is it time to downsize after empty-nesting? Has your family been complaining about the limited space of your current home? If so, it’s seems like it’s time to sell your house. Let us be your guide to the wide world of real estate, where every decision has an impact on your way of life. Do Your Homework One way or another, you’re going to want to find out the prices of homes similar to yours in your area. That way, you can come up with a fair, but competitive price. Find out what renovations will increase your home’s value, as well as turn-offs that need to be remedied before you put your home on the market. Find the best realtors (wink-wink) in your area and make sure you know exactly what you need and want once you get to sell your house. Make Checklists – A LOT Of Checklists The processes involved when you decide to sell your house are numerous and time-consuming. It’s easy to lose track of the necessary steps. Making lists of important tasks like renovations, contacts to call, dates to remember and paperwork to fill out is the best way to remember it all. Listicles are […]
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5 Eclectic Homes In Miami

If you’re looking for a home with character, architectural interest or something just plain unique – this is the listicle for you. Check out these five eclectic homes in Miami and find something your inner eccentric will love. Art Deco Dream Miami is the perfect place for the modern eclectic – and has been for a long time, thanks to the Art Deco movement. This home features all the beauty and classic style of Art Deco architecture and creature comforts like stainless steel appliances, wood floors, balconies and a fireplace, all for $650,000. Click here to find out more about this four bedroom, four full bath home. Eclectic Mediterranean If ever there was a breathtaking home, this would be it. The Mediterranean flair of this home provides plenty of character to the structure that translates smoothly to its interior. Since the foyer is open to the upper floor’s hallway, the property has a great sense of flow, but the second floor provides privacy for this home’s three bedrooms. For more information on this $695,000 home, click here. Awesome in Aventura At $1,103,500, this move-in-ready home in Aventura is dripping with high end style and character. The vaulted ceilings throughout this […]
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Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Agent

The real estate market of today is more accessible to individuals than ever. Even though you can search for properties on many websites, including our own, you’re likely to get more out of your buying or selling experience by hiring a real estate agent. Here’s why: Getting Great Deals Real estate is one of the few markets where you’re expected to haggle a price. Working through a transaction that is fair to both the buyer and the seller can be difficult without a liaison. Real estate agents are the professionals to consult when deciding and negotiating a bid for a home. Instead of blindly hoping that you can haggle a million-dollar house down to your budget of $850,000, or paying (or listing) much more than market value for a property, speak to an agent about where to set your price points. Talking Through Terminology From escape clauses to contingencies, there are a lot of real estate terms you’re going to have to navigate in order to buy the right home for you. While you could search for the definitions of all these terms yourself, you could also ask for an expert to help you make sense of contracts and listings. Google […]
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5 Homes With A Spa-Worthy Master Bath

Everyone needs some time to unwind. Why not let your master bath be the oasis you need? Here are five beautiful homes perfect for all your daily self-care rituals: Fantasy Forest Bath Nestled serenely in Coconut Grove’s Ye Olde Woods neighborhood, this home is seems dreamy and fantastical. The master bathroom is just one example of the eclectic decor of the rest of the house. Its bright colors take on a character of their own.   The huge windows look out onto a verdant, tropical scene, making this bathroom all the more magical. And with an elegant clawfoot bathtub, the fantasy setting of this in-home oasis is complete. To find out more, click here. Modern Master Bath This bathroom leaves some room for customization, but the consistency of the tiling on the floors and walls provides a feeling of luxury. With the existing modern fixtures and cabinets, you can count on having a thoroughly modern master bath. A large glass stall with a shower head directly above, you’ll feel as though you were standing under a waterfall in a naturally-lit cave. Find out more about this home here. Triple Threat If you liked the second master bath, but don’t have a budget […]
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4 Two-Story Homes In Miami

In South Florida, a two-story home is something of a rarity. If you’re looking for the comforts of a familiar home layout, want a little extra privacy or space, or just like the idea of owning a two-story home in Miami, OMG Brokers has you covered with this list. Clean And Contemporary We’ll start out with the most expensive property on this list. At $1,650,000, this three bed, two bath home will have you living in beautifully modern style. Living in a two-story home, though, doesn’t mean you have to be horizontally cramped – the 2,282 square foot home sits on a 4,545 square foot lot, and includes plenty of patio space. For more information, click here. Handsome Two-Story Home This two-story property feels like home from the moment you walk in. With warm wooden accents and floors, a fully updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances, plenty of natural light and the pool your kids are begging for, this $1,625,000 home is perfect for a large family. You won’t be cramped with five bedrooms and four full baths, especially not in a 3,426 square foot home and huge lot. The added privacy of separating your living and sleeping areas, too, allows for […]
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4 Kendall Homes To Love

If you read our last blog post, you’ll know that picking the best neighborhood for your lifestyle is of utmost importance when you’re looking for a home. Interested in Kendall? OMG Brokers has you covered. Kendall Castle This four bedroom, two and a half bath home spans over 3,200 square feet on a sprawling 17,000 foot lot. Aside from being in Kendall, another bonus to this home’s location is its placement on a cul-de-sac. With plenty of living space, a laundry room, large kitchen, yard and luxurious master bath, this home is perfect for a growing family. To learn more about this property, click here. Dream Dock With this property, you don’t have to imagine having a lakeside home with a private dock. You want a pool, too? No problem. Hardwood floors? Check. For $524,900, you’ll get all this and more. Watch out, though, this one might just be your dream home. Click here to find out more. Home Within A Home Sometimes finding a two story home in South Florida can be difficult – but this could be the one you’re looking for. This home has four beds, four baths and a two-car garage. You’ll also find plenty of […]
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5 Reasons Location Is Still The Magic Word

Finding your dream home is a beautifully satisfying achievement, but the perfect property in an imperfect location can break even the best deal. Here are some tips on making sure your new home is situated in the center of your life. Your Home’s Location Determines: Your Daily Commute Consider your daily commute to work when looking for a neighborhood to move to. Sometimes long commutes cannot be avoided, but shaving off some time from your drive could be the difference between having a great day at work and coming home exhausted. Gas prices are important to be aware of, too – if your paycheck would be dumped into your gas tank, maybe your home isn’t as centrally-located as you might want. The Schools You Select Just like your daily work routine, consider how your children – or you – are going to get to school every day. Some schools don’t offer transportation before and after classes, so you may have to add your child’s commute onto yours on weekdays. You’ll also want to consider the schools in the area and decide which district is best for your family to get the best education possible. The Neighborhood You Need Now that you’ve narrowed […]
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4 Homes With A Dock

Looking to please the boat lover in your life? Want a private dock all to yourself, or to take seaward expeditions with those you love? OMG Brokers has the list for you. These four homes all have waterfront access, along with a private dock to moor your home away from home. A Castle With Coral             This waterfront home in Coral Gables is perfect for boaters. Like all the properties on this list, this home boasts its very own dock, but the $5 million price tag will have you living like Jay Gatsby. The home features two kitchens, play rooms for kids and adults, covered patios a cabana bath and a pool and spa. Plus, down by the dock you’ll find a boathouse built from coral-stone that ties in beautifully with the nautical nature of the property. To find out more, click here. A Dock On The Eastern Shores North Miami Beach holds this treasure of a house. With marble floors throughout 2,659 square feet, this four beds – two of which are master suites. The dock also has room for a large boat, and there is no shortage of space in this ranch-style home. […]
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6 Fees To Be Aware Of When Buying Or Renting A Home

Whether you are thinking about buying or renting a home, you’re likely to have gone over the costs multiple times in your head. Double-check your budget with these fees to make sure you’re ready to make your purchase. Deposits It seems like a no-brainer, but deposits can quickly become unexpectedly high fees. Generally, putting down a deposit requires that you pay two months’ rent, but often can be as high as three months’ rent. In a perfect world, that cost will come back to you eventually – but it shouldn’t be something you factor into your budget as a guaranteed reimbursement. Application Fees Renters beware, application fees can pile up quickly. When filling out paperwork to rent a home, almost every renter charges a fee (often $55 or more) in order to put in an application. If you’re renting with a spouse or housemates, they’ll also have to pay the same fee when they apply to rent the home. Buyers should also keep application fees in mind when taking out loans to purchase a property. Amenities And Utilities Amenities, while often convenient, also have some lurking fees that go along with them. Club fees, maintenance and laundry (if there aren’t in-unit machines) […]
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5 Homes Boasting a Beautiful Kitchen

In South Florida, it’s almost expected that homeowners will double as entertainers. And with the vibrant mashup of Caribbean, Latin American and European cultures, the best host is likely the one with the best food. Here are five homes that feature a beautiful kitchen, where friends and family can meet, greet and eat. Una Cucina Italiana This enormous, Italian-style kitchen is the perfect match for the chef who loves to cook with wine – and perhaps puts some in the food! Stainless steel appliances are framed with granite counters and backsplash, and every possible inch is used for cabinet space – including the wine rack above the fridge. At this house, there is even a second full kitchen by the salt water pool outside, ready-and-waiting for all the outdoor entertaining a buyer’s heart can handle. For $625,000 you can own this kitchen, along with five beds and four full baths. For more about this house, click here. Spotless Entertainer’s Kitchen The white-on-white of this space leaves a feeling of cleanliness without coming across as cold and sterile. A breakfast bar allows you to peer beyond through a large cutout window into the kitchen from the dining room, which opens with French doors to […]
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