Luxury Living in Florida

Are you looking to settle in the beautiful state of Florida? You are in good company. Florida residents enjoy an abundance of sunny days and beautiful beaches. If you are looking for a lifestyle of true luxury in Florida, you can’t go wrong with these four Florida hot spots. Miami In a 2009 study, Miami was named the “Richest City in the United States.” It is also the fifth strongest city in regards to purchasing power. Miami hosts the largest concentration of international banks in the U.S. as well. In 2008, Miami, Florida was ranked as “America’s Cleanest City” by Forbes magazine. This is due in part, to the exceptional air and water quality found there. Miami’s streets are also very clean, as residents participate in city-wide programs for recycling. Positioned along the Atlantic Coastline, Miami’s homes are not short on luxurious features. Multi-million dollar homes feature a unique style of Floridian decor which is specific to Miami. Classified as an “Alpha-World City,” Miami is a leader in culture, business, entertainment and the arts. Miami’s South Beach is a world-known hot spot for tourists and residents alike. Palm Beach Palm Beach, Florida is an exceptionally affluent community with a long […]
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Top 9 Reasons to Buy Miami Real Estate

Why Buy Real Estate in Miami? Miami is one of the most culturally diverse city in the world. Whether you are looking to purchase a home, buy a vacation apartment, or make an investment in foreign property, Miami is the perfect place for you.  That’s why OMG Brokers has put together a list of the top nine reasons why Miami is such an attractive city to invest in, and such an amazing place to be. 1. Lifestyle for Everyone Whether you are a young professional focused on your career, a family looking for a place everyone will enjoy, thinking of retiring to paradise, or looking to invest in an internationally-renowned market–Miami has what you’re looking for. With its vast selection of schools, museums, shopping centers, sports, lively night life, festivals, art galleries, and much more, it is impossible to not find your place in Miami. 2. Culinary Experience Miami is made of immigrants from all around the world, which means that you will be surrounded by many different cultures. In fact, it’s estimated that over 50% of the population in Miami is foreign-born. Because of this, the diversity of restaurants and ethnic food flourish in Miami. 3. Most International Buyers Miami’s real-estate market has the […]
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