To Rent Or Buy? That Is The Question

No matter what stage of life you’ve come to, much of your future decisions hinge upon whether or not you’re renting your home or if you’ve decided to purchase it. So, what are the pros and cons to consider when making the decision to rent or buy a home? Here’s a short guide to help you decide which is best for you. Consider Your Income While buying a home is usually a better long-term investment, sometimes it isn’t a viable option in everyone’s standing financial situation. It also doesn’t just come down to whether a rent payment is cheaper than a mortgage payment, either. There are many costs to consider when buying a home, like property taxes, closing costs, home maintenance, insurance, homeowner fees and utilities. Sometimes, for the short term, renting is just more affordable. If you’re in a position where you have enough money to buy a home and solid enough credit (more on that, later) to take out the loans you may need, consider buying more seriously. By increasing the equity of the home you buy, you may be able to sell it for more, later, or even rent it out to tenants when you’re ready to move […]
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6 Easy Ways To Organize Your Home

Everything should have its place, and be in its place. Without this basic tenant, dream homes can very quickly become nightmares full of clutter and confused spaces. Here are six tips on how to organize your home – and keep it that way. Examine Where Clutter Accumulates We all have spots in our home that accumulate clutter. When you set out to organize your home, make sure to pay special attention to these areas. The most cluttered parts of the home (kitchen counters, coffee tables, etc.) are usually that way because, you and those living with you don’t know where to put your things. Determine Existing Storage In The Home Catalog all the places you can put things away. Find all the drawers, closets, cabinets, shelves and nooks in your home and determine whether or not they’re currently being used effectively. Purge what you don’t need from these spaces to make room for things you do. Designate “Put-Away” Places If you’re following these steps, your home probably looks less cluttered already. Once you know what storage spaces are in your home and you’ve made room in them, designate their use to yourself and those living with you. This way, everything in […]
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Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Agent

The real estate market of today is more accessible to individuals than ever. Even though you can search for properties on many websites, including our own, you’re likely to get more out of your buying or selling experience by hiring a real estate agent. Here’s why: Getting Great Deals Real estate is one of the few markets where you’re expected to haggle a price. Working through a transaction that is fair to both the buyer and the seller can be difficult without a liaison. Real estate agents are the professionals to consult when deciding and negotiating a bid for a home. Instead of blindly hoping that you can haggle a million-dollar house down to your budget of $850,000, or paying (or listing) much more than market value for a property, speak to an agent about where to set your price points. Talking Through Terminology From escape clauses to contingencies, there are a lot of real estate terms you’re going to have to navigate in order to buy the right home for you. While you could search for the definitions of all these terms yourself, you could also ask for an expert to help you make sense of contracts and listings. Google […]
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5 Steps To Make Moving Easier

If you’re looking for a new home, trying to sell your current residence or have found the abode of your dreams, you may think sealing the deal is the most stressful part of the ordeal. However, you may soon find that moving is even worse. Here are a few tips to make the moving process easier, and stress less during this exciting transition. Clean Out If you’ve been living in one place for any period of time, you can easily become overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you’ve accumulated during your stay there. The good news about moving is that it’s a great opportunity to declutter your life. Throw out, sell or donate anything you don’t need. Don’t be afraid to let go of things that don’t serve you. If you’re waffling on whether to keep or toss something, think of it this way: if you don’t use it now, you won’t use it after you move. Enlist Moving Help You should make sure you’ll have help for your move well in advance of moving day. Ask friends and family to block out their schedules if they’re available, or set up a reservation with professional movers. You should also make […]
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5 Homes With Modern Style

Clean lines, bright spaces, geometric features – if these call up images of your dream home, you’ve got modern style. Look no further, for modern homes in South Florida, OMG Brokers has you covered with this list. Modern Style In Midtown This corner condo in Midtown has two beds, two baths, and a full wall of floor to ceiling windows. At 1,226 square feet, this $469,000 property features stainless steel appliances, exposed concrete ceilings and multiple terraces with cityscape views. The building includes a heated pool, hot tub and exercise room, as well. Sound like the perfect place? Click here for more information. A Modern Luxury This property is a newly renovated home with five bedrooms and three baths, with wood floors throughout. The spacious kitchen boasts stainless steel appliances, two sinks and recessed lighting. No need to worry about hurricane season in this home – which features hurricane windows that let in lots of natural light. Finally, with a pool, spa, and large backyard, this is the perfect blend of luxury and modern style. Click here to find out more. Black, White and Beautiful With a classy, monochromatic color palate, this home has beautiful dark wood floors and light accents […]
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5 Homes Boasting a Beautiful Kitchen

In South Florida, it’s almost expected that homeowners will double as entertainers. And with the vibrant mashup of Caribbean, Latin American and European cultures, the best host is likely the one with the best food. Here are five homes that feature a beautiful kitchen, where friends and family can meet, greet and eat. Una Cucina Italiana This enormous, Italian-style kitchen is the perfect match for the chef who loves to cook with wine – and perhaps puts some in the food! Stainless steel appliances are framed with granite counters and backsplash, and every possible inch is used for cabinet space – including the wine rack above the fridge. At this house, there is even a second full kitchen by the salt water pool outside, ready-and-waiting for all the outdoor entertaining a buyer’s heart can handle. For $625,000 you can own this kitchen, along with five beds and four full baths. For more about this house, click here. Spotless Entertainer’s Kitchen The white-on-white of this space leaves a feeling of cleanliness without coming across as cold and sterile. A breakfast bar allows you to peer beyond through a large cutout window into the kitchen from the dining room, which opens with French doors to […]
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5 Huge Yards (Attached to Beautiful Homes) in Miami

Who says you can’t have a big yard in Miami? These homes are living large on some of OMG Brokers’ biggest lots in the 305. Miami’s Own Hearst Castle This real-life Xanadu is sitting pretty on a 6.91 acre lot near Coconut Grove. Refusing to be dwarfed, the house is a full 16,500 square feet, with a $39.5 million price tag. Walking through the marble and wood interiors, you’ll find 9 bedrooms, 8 full baths and three half-baths. The exterior features rolling green landscaping, gardens, observation deck, bay views, an outdoor pool, a summer kitchen with Argentinian Parrilla and a cottage for guests. To learn more about this magnificent estate, click here. Il Castello de Italia Built on a 8.57 acre lot this Italian-style villa is the castello of your dreams. At 10,383 square feet, with a 2,000 square foot guest-house, this home rings up just under $4 million. Let yourself be transported back in time with vine-covered exteriors, private koi pond, spiral staircase, courtyard and horse stables, but keep the amenities of the present with a large bathrooms and beautiful kitchen with Gaggenau appliances. Learn more about this home here. La Hacienda Ecuestra This luxurious Spanish estate is a […]
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