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Four Red Flags When Touring A Home

Is the price on the condo you’re eyeing too good to be true? While competitive pricing is a plus in the real-estate world, sometimes a price too low is one among many red flags. Here are four things to look out for when touring a potential buy to save yourself the headache of costly repairs. Cracks In The Walls While some small cracks can be a harmless result of a home settling or temperature changes, large cracks in the walls of a house can be an indication of foundation compromise. Foundation repairs can be extremely expensive, and often must be addressed immediately in order to ensure the safety of a property. Red Flags In The Cabinets One of the biggest red flags for anyone is a pest problem. Because most homes are staged and cleaned before being opened for tours, you’re unlikely to find insect or rodent droppings out in the open. If a home has an infestation problem, though, make sure to look in more hidden places for the presence of pests. Cabinets, closets and under-sink storage can all host droppings and carcasses that may have gone unnoticed, otherwise. Nobody wants unwanted guests, or to pay an exterminator to […]
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5 Little Ways To Make A Great First Impression On Buyers

As the old adage goes, first impressions are everything. This applies not only to people, but to real-estate, too. Here are five tips to make sure your property makes the best possible first impression on potential buyers. Make Your Property Smell Like A Home Since smell is one of our most influential, memorable senses, it stands to reason that, soon after seeing a house, you would notice its smell. Imagine walking into a house that smelled like garbage. Now imagine a home that smells fresh and clean, or homey and sweet – which would you likely remember more fondly? Put down the air freshener, though. If the house smells like canned scents, potential buyers might wonder what you’re hiding. Instead, bake cookies and have them available for an open house, or simmer some citrus, cinnamon and cloves on the stove to fill the house with a warm, clean scent. Just don’t forget to do the dishes before you show the property. The First Impression Is Often Online – Take Good Photos OMG Brokers features photos for most of the properties listed on its website – one of the best ways to make your house attractive is to have great photos taken […]
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5 South Miami Homes You Will Fall in Love With

Looking to settle down in a beautiful Florida community? South Miami has it all. With a splash of suburban and metropolitan, this vibrant area of Miami-Dade County is filled with everything from some of the city’s hottest restaurants and nightclubs to the most stunning parks and captivating scenery in the county. Whether you’re a large family looking for a home in a great school district or a business woman or man who wants to live in one of Miami’s central business districts, South Miami has something for everyone.   Beautiful Sunset home brings great amenities and open spaces With a 8,749 square foot lot and a home size of 4,493 square feet, this stunning accommodation offers 6 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms. Perfect for a full family, this warm home has bright and lofty spaces. A grand terrace, resort-styled pool and an overflow glass styled spa are optimal for hosting gatherings with your friends and family. Limestone, wood and porcelain floors along with ceiling glass doors and custom landscaping make this prized home the epitome of family luxury. Learn more about this gorgeous home here.   Luxurious modern home in popular neighborhood Imagine introducing your loved ones to this tasteful 6 bedroom and […]
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