Four Red Flags When Touring A Home

Is the price on the condo you’re eyeing too good to be true? While competitive pricing is a plus in the real-estate world, sometimes a price too low is one among many red flags. Here are four things to look out for when touring a potential buy to save yourself the headache of costly repairs. Cracks In The Walls While some small cracks can be a harmless result of a home settling or temperature changes, large cracks in the walls of a house can be an indication of foundation compromise. Foundation repairs can be extremely expensive, and often must be addressed immediately in order to ensure the safety of a property. Red Flags In The Cabinets One of the biggest red flags for anyone is a pest problem. Because most homes are staged and cleaned before being opened for tours, you’re unlikely to find insect or rodent droppings out in the open. If a home has an infestation problem, though, make sure to look in more hidden places for the presence of pests. Cabinets, closets and under-sink storage can all host droppings and carcasses that may have gone unnoticed, otherwise. Nobody wants unwanted guests, or to pay an exterminator to […]
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