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Buying Your First Home: What to Look For

Buying your first home is truly one of the most exciting times of your life. It will happen just once so make it count. You’ve saved and managed your finances well and the rewards will be great. However, avoid becoming overwhelmed as you begin the process of looking for your own place. Ponder these points to maximize the chances you’ll make the best decision: 1. Explore different communities on your own before contacting a realtor. Listen to what your friends have to say about where they live. If you see an interesting subdivision on your way home from work, drive through it to see what it offers. 2. Think first about your commute to work. Would it bother you to drive an hour to and from work? If so, that will help you rule out some neighborhoods right off the bat. Maybe you’d like to limit your work travel to twenty minutes each way. Since your work is how you bring in your dollars, work is likely the first thing to consider when you’re getting ready to shop for a home. 3. Make a list of people, places, and things you wish to live close to. Listing family, friends, activities, […]
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