Buying Your First Home: What to Look For

Buying your first home is truly one of the most exciting times of your life. It will happen just once so make it count. You’ve saved and managed your finances well and the rewards will be great. However, avoid becoming overwhelmed as you begin the process of looking for your own place. Ponder these points to maximize the chances you’ll make the best decision: 1. Explore different communities on your own before contacting a realtor. Listen to what your friends have to say about where they live. If you see an interesting subdivision on your way home from work, drive through it to see what it offers. 2. Think first about your commute to work. Would it bother you to drive an hour to and from work? If so, that will help you rule out some neighborhoods right off the bat. Maybe you’d like to limit your work travel to twenty minutes each way. Since your work is how you bring in your dollars, work is likely the first thing to consider when you’re getting ready to shop for a home. 3. Make a list of people, places, and things you wish to live close to. Listing family, friends, activities, […]
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Benefits of Renting Out Your Property

Renting out your house might be something you’ve been thinking about for a while but can’t seem to make up your mind about. Don’t worry, it’s natural. Leasing your property to someone you don’t know can be unnerving. However, if you do it right, it can be one of the best financial decisions you have ever made. When to Consider Renting Your House There are several situations where renting out your property may be a good idea. Most owners decide to rent if they can’t find buyers and others when they owe too much to sell. You could also be thinking about renting because you’re being transferred at work or relocating permanently. The best reason to rent out your house, however, is to build wealth. Real estate investing is an excellent field to get into for anyone looking for financial freedom. Even if you don’t have the money to acquire dozens of properties, renting out is the perfect place to start. Why You Should Rent Out Your House Turning your property into a rental has many financial benefits. Let’s look at what you stand to gain from leasing out your place. Increase Assets There is a common belief that buying […]
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10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Real Estate Market

Selling a home can be frustrating or invigorating. Going into the process with a positive attitude helps immensely when it comes to navigating all the work and preparation required. If you put the following tips into action, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your house will sell. 1. Consider curb appeal. The fact is we all want a home that looks inviting on the outside. Go out and stand near the street and take a long hard look at your home and property. How does it look? Does the home’s exterior appear freshly painted and clean? Is the grass nice and green and mowed? If you have plants and trees, ensure they are trimmed and looking healthy. If your walks and drive-way need sprucing up, power-wash them. Think clean-looking, trimmed, and well-cared-for. 2. Have an inviting front entrance. A front door painted with a “wow” color or showing a lovely stained glass window is the icing on your “cake” of curb appeal. If it’s spring or summer, have a couple of potted plants or a small sculpture near the door. Fall and winter entrance décor might be a season-friendly wreath or other seasonal item of interest. Two or three […]
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Luxury Living in Florida

Are you looking to settle in the beautiful state of Florida? You are in good company. Florida residents enjoy an abundance of sunny days and beautiful beaches. If you are looking for a lifestyle of true luxury in Florida, you can’t go wrong with these four Florida hot spots. Miami In a 2009 study, Miami was named the “Richest City in the United States.” It is also the fifth strongest city in regards to purchasing power. Miami hosts the largest concentration of international banks in the U.S. as well. In 2008, Miami, Florida was ranked as “America’s Cleanest City” by Forbes magazine. This is due in part, to the exceptional air and water quality found there. Miami’s streets are also very clean, as residents participate in city-wide programs for recycling. Positioned along the Atlantic Coastline, Miami’s homes are not short on luxurious features. Multi-million dollar homes feature a unique style of Floridian decor which is specific to Miami. Classified as an “Alpha-World City,” Miami is a leader in culture, business, entertainment and the arts. Miami’s South Beach is a world-known hot spot for tourists and residents alike. Palm Beach Palm Beach, Florida is an exceptionally affluent community with a long […]
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5 Reasons a South Florida Real Estate Professional is Essential

There has never been an easier time to buy a sell a home on your own than today, but that does not mean it’s an easy process by any means. Yes, there are sites that where you can research the Florida real estate market, look at homes for sale in Florida, list your home and even download sales contracts. With all those resources available, you may find yourself asking the question, “Do I even need a Florida Realtor?” The answer is a resounding, “YES!” And here’s why… Buying and Selling Florida Real Estate is a Complex Process The buying and selling of real estate is among the most regulated transactions in the United States and the legal and financial penalties of even the smallest misstep can be dire. Each year, the rules and regulations regarding real estate change. Considering the average American might buy or sell a home two or three times in his lifetime, there’s no reason to keep up with every little – or major – change. The average, full-time Realtor will participate in hundreds of transactions over the course of his career. It’s part of your south Florida Realtor’s job to know and understand the ins and outs […]
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