6 Easy Ways To Organize Your Home

Baskets, boxes and shelves are all good ways to organize any space
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Everything should have its place, and be in its place. Without this basic tenant, dream homes can very quickly become nightmares full of clutter and confused spaces. Here are six tips on how to organize your home – and keep it that way.

Examine Where Clutter Accumulates

Finding the places with the most clutter - and why - will help you organize them

We all have spots in our home that accumulate clutter. When you set out to organize your home, make sure to pay special attention to these areas. The most cluttered parts of the home (kitchen counters, coffee tables, etc.) are usually that way because, you and those living with you don’t know where to put your things.

Determine Existing Storage In The Home

The kitchen can be hard to organize, but it has more room than you think

Catalog all the places you can put things away. Find all the drawers, closets, cabinets, shelves and nooks in your home and determine whether or not they’re currently being used effectively. Purge what you don’t need from these spaces to make room for things you do.

Designate “Put-Away” Places

You can organize your closet with added shelves and drawers

If you’re following these steps, your home probably looks less cluttered already. Once you know what storage spaces are in your home and you’ve made room in them, designate their use to yourself and those living with you. This way, everything in your home has a “put-away” place where it belongs, eliminating excuses to clutter your space in the future.

Organize Your Storage

Baskets, boxes and shelves are all good ways to organize any space

This is the fun part – there are infinite creative ways to make storage spaces more efficient that feel like decorating. Decorative boxes and baskets are your friends in closets or out in the open, while smaller solutions like bins and other open containers are best for drawers and cabinets. Consider adding shelves to closets (and elsewhere) to maximize their usable storage area.

Conceal Your Cords

Organize your cords for a quick solution

A major eyesore in anyone’s home are the tangles of cords spilling from devices in every room. Luckily, solutions to this problem don’t just involve drilling holes in the walls. Use Command hooks or binder clips to keep cords fastened to your desk and cord covers to hide wires against the wall. You can also use boxes to tuck away unsightly routers and surge protectors.

Stick To Your Solutions

Once you've made the effort, it's much easier to organize your home as you go

Perhaps the most important tip is not to give up. Some of these tips are quick fixes, but most of keeping your home organized comes with discipline. Though this process can seem daunting, taking an extra thirty seconds to put things away requires less time and effort than overhauling your home once a month.

Whether you’re trying to stage your house to sell it or trying to love every inch of a new home, keeping things neat and tidy is going to bring freshness and cleanliness to your property. Now that you have these tips in your back pocket, keeping your home clean and organized should be a piece of cake. And you know what else is a piece of cake – finding your dream home with OMG Brokers with our Property Search Tool and our expert team of realtors.

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