Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent will help you when you can't DIY.
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The real estate market of today is more accessible to individuals than ever. Even though you can search for properties on many websites, including our own, you’re likely to get more out of your buying or selling experience by hiring a real estate agent. Here’s why:

Getting Great Deals

A real estate agent can help you get the most out of your purchase

Real estate is one of the few markets where you’re expected to haggle a price. Working through a transaction that is fair to both the buyer and the seller can be difficult without a liaison. Real estate agents are the professionals to consult when deciding and negotiating a bid for a home. Instead of blindly hoping that you can haggle a million-dollar house down to your budget of $850,000, or paying (or listing) much more than market value for a property, speak to an agent about where to set your price points.

Talking Through Terminology

Trust your real estate agent to walk you through the terms and conditions of any contracts

From escape clauses to contingencies, there are a lot of real estate terms you’re going to have to navigate in order to buy the right home for you. While you could search for the definitions of all these terms yourself, you could also ask for an expert to help you make sense of contracts and listings. Google is your friend, but should never be treated like an expert or professional in the real estate industry.

Finding The Devil In The Details

A real estate agent can tell you about construction or other issues with a property

Being a real estate agent means knowing what’s going on not only inside properties, but around them, too. Knowledge of changing roadways, noisy neighbors and geographical issues (flood insurance, anyone?) that might not be apparent to you immediately could be red flags for a real estate agent. These catches will save you time, money and heartache so that moving in is a breeze. Real estate agents are also beneficial for sellers, too, as they can help you prepare and stage your home for success.

A Real Estate Agent Can Slash Saturation

Don't be overwhelmed by long lists of results - let a real estate agent help

Many search tools, although they are powerful and provide many customization opportunities, provide lists of results either too long or too short for a buyer’s liking. Even if you find a property that seems perfect on paper, you’ll want photos or a tour – neither of which are always available online. Hiring a real estate agent will not only narrow or widen your list as needed, but will help you work through all the specifications you may not have thought of. Due to their constant exposure to what’s on the market, a real estate agent is also likely to have something in mind that, though you may not have found it online, could fit your needs perfectly.

Our team of real estate agents can help you with all of these things and more, and you’re only one click away from all their expertise. With their help and tips from our blog, you’ll be on your way to buying, renting or selling your dream home before you can say “mortgage.”

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