5 Reasons Location Is Still The Magic Word

Location is one of the most important considerations you can make when looking for a home.
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Finding your dream home is a beautifully satisfying achievement, but the perfect property in an imperfect location can break even the best deal. Here are some tips on making sure your new home is situated in the center of your life.

Your Home’s Location Determines:

Your Daily Commute

Make getting to work easy with the right home location.

Consider your daily commute to work when looking for a neighborhood to move to. Sometimes long commutes cannot be avoided, but shaving off some time from your drive could be the difference between having a great day at work and coming home exhausted. Gas prices are important to be aware of, too – if your paycheck would be dumped into your gas tank, maybe your home isn’t as centrally-located as you might want.

The Schools You Select

Your home's location determines the schools you have access to.

Just like your daily work routine, consider how your children – or you – are going to get to school every day. Some schools don’t offer transportation before and after classes, so you may have to add your child’s commute onto yours on weekdays. You’ll also want to consider the schools in the area and decide which district is best for your family to get the best education possible.

The Neighborhood You Need

OMG Brokers can help you find the perfect neighborhood for you.

Now that you’ve narrowed down an area close to school and work, you’ll want to consider various neighborhoods. Check for homeowners associations and neighborhood ratings online, or speak to a realtor about the pros and cons of each neighborhood you’re looking at – not just of the property itself.

The Pace Of Your Life

Should your home be in the city or the suburbs?

Another thing to consider when looking into your potential home is whether the area is quiet or lively – and what you and your family need. If you’re a bachelor or bachelorette always looking for a fun evening, you’re obviously going to want to live in a different location than a family of five that needs the kids in bed by 9.

Your Weekend Plans

Your home's location should help your social life, not ostracize it.

Finally, you’ll want to consider what to do on the weekends. Living downtown among the bars, clubs and concerts might sound great to a single young adult, but a suburb near a recreation center or a movie theater might be better for a family interested in a lot of different, age-appropriate activities. Do some research to find out what stores or kinds of entertainment are near the property you’re considering, or you might find yourself bored and driving an hour away just to find a grocery store.

With these basic tips, you should be able to narrow down a few of your options when considering the perfect location for your home. Check out our Property Search to look for available properties, and to make sure you get everything you want and need in a home and its location, contact one of OMG Brokers’ expert realtors.

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