How to Get Top Dollar for Your Home

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You already know you should clean like there’s no tomorrow and remove all family photos and other personal items, but if you’re looking to come away from your home sale with wads of cash, there are a few other things you need to consider.

1. Decide whether you really want top dollar

That may sound strange. Of course you do! But consider whether the work, expense, and stress are really worth it. If your home needs a lot of work or if you have children or pets, you may be better off settling for a more modest price that will leave you with your sanity intact. Homes that sell for top prices are usually those referred to by Realtors as “cream puffs.” These homes tend to be immaculately clean and orderly, are blessed with updated neutral décor, and boast upgraded materials and fixtures. If your home is less than 10 years old and was built with topnotch materials or is a completely renovated historical treasure, you may already have a cream puff. If not, you may find that creating and maintaining one is more stress and expense than it’s worth.

2. Just because it isn’t a cream puff doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look nice

New paint and carpeting can transform a place with relatively little expense. The goal is to do everything you can with the time you have and the budget you’ve set, without destroying your marriage or your family in the process. If your home is an eyesore, you’ll wait months and months to sell at a poor price, so don’t neglect cosmetics entirely.

3. Your Realtor is all-important

A Realtor without sufficient contacts in the area will have a hard time selling your home. So will one who doesn’t advertise and hold Open houses. While it is true that most homes are found on the internet, the other efforts still matter. At OMG Brokers, we have over 50 agents who specialize in different areas of Miami. With other 25 years of experience, we benefit from a large network of international sellers and buyers to offer the best real estate properties in the market at the right time.

4. If you have a choice, sell at the right time of year

In most areas, February is a hot month for home sales. Buyers are out in force with the first warm day and will be trying to find a home before their children start school in the fall. August and December are usually much more difficult. If your yard is a wreck, selling in the winter may be advantageous, while the opposite is true if it’s gorgeous.

5. Don’t let your personal preferences stand in the way of your home sale

You may consider painted woodwork an abomination, but most buyers now want white woodwork and will pay more for a house that already has it. Let your Realtor and your stager tells you what’s in and what’s out, and prepare your home accordingly—even if it kills you.

6. Find the right price for your home

Pricing a home too high will kill your sale every time. Pricing it a little low may result in multiple offers and a higher price in the long run.

7. If you don’t have to move, don’t let your house grow stale on the market

If it isn’t selling, take it off for several months and try again later. A brand new listing (even if it isn’t really brand new) will attract more attention than one that’s been languishing for months.

8. Once you have an offer, make every effort to keep it

If you know there are things a home inspector will fault, try to fix them before the inspection. Be reasonable about concessions requested by the buyer. It’s usually better to offer a thousand or two in concessions than to have to start all over again. Keep your ego well out of the way and make your decisions based on the bottom line.

There is a special thrill that comes with having multiple bidders vying for your home, but it doesn’t come easily. The key to a successful home sale is to be realistic and balance your needs and your family’s needs with the demands of the market.

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